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Discord Rules

-Be respectful.
-Absolutely no Racism,sexism,homophobia,harassment,
-Trolling, Spamming & harassment of any kind will not be tolerated!
-Dont message an admin, make a ticket for any questions or concerns.
-Keep all images and posts work-safe!
-Racial slurs and sexual harassment (verbal and/or visual) are prohibited!
-No arguing with admins. No hostility towards admins.

General Rules

-Absolutely no killing other players
-Absolutely no Racism,sexism,homophobia,harassment, be respectful.
-No cheating, using hacks, glitching, loot cycling or duping of any form
(what does Loot Cycling mean? Moving items outside of their spawn area so new items will spawn is considered Loot Cycling. Loot Cycling not only kills the experience for you but it also breaks the server performance. Servers have a cap on items and breaking that cap kills FPS and other functionalities)
-No stealing from other players
-Vehicles are only purchasable at traders or from other players. If a vehicle is found on the map leave it alone.
-No arguing with admins. No hostility towards admins.
-If you need Admin help, create a ticket in Discord, Make sure it is for a legit reason please.

Base Building

-Large bases should be built away from towns and roads to help reduce lag.
-Bases that cause lag for others will be asked to downsize or move to another location.
-No building within 1500 meters of all traders.
-No building within 1000 meters of major military bases (NWAF, NEAF,TROITSKOE,TISY)
-No building within 500 meters of minor military bases.
-Military to base distance is measured from the closest military object/fence to the closest wall on the base.
-1 Base per person/1 Flag Pole per person.
-No building on or over roads.
-No building in POIs, marked on the map (hospitals, police stations,Gas stations,stores, fire departments, castles, etc)


-Vehicles are drive at your own risk, DayZ can be very glitchy.
-If your vehicle gets ruined, Admins will NOT replace the inventory that was inside of it.
--Any car found parked out for more than 2 restarts will be impounded, you must pay 100k to get it out, if your vehicle got impounded please open a ticket


-If someone violates any of these rules, as staff we need some sort of proof to execute administrative action. Logs don’t show us everything and film or screenshot footage is essential for us to come to a finding.-If you want to make life easier for everyone, set up Shadowplay or similar. If you get into an undesirable confrontation, hit the save button so you have film proof. Nobody is asking you to consciously & openly record footage, but applications like Shadowplay are only used after a situation so you’re hands-free and worry-free during play sessions.


Monetization Procedures

We would like to offer Priority Queue, backpack retextures, Weapon retextures, Flag retextures and clothing retextures with the donators design of choice. The items will be available for everyone in the server to purchase at the trader if they so choose. Donors will not receive any in-game advantages. Just item textures that everyone in the server can obtain without donating. All Donations go towards server Costs